The 10th Annual Northeast Run

A Northeast Tradition — April 28-30th, 2017

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Get ready to reserve your spot for the 10th annual Northeast Run. You'll be joining us at Rausch Creek Off-Road Park on April 28th to April 30th for a week-end of wheeling events. Come meet other FJ Owners from Northeast USA and Canada and make new friends while enjoying 30 miles of some of the most beautiful trails around.

Spend a memorable weekend in a 1700 acre off-road park. Meet and run the trails with other FJ Cruisers. We have trails for every level of driver and vehicle.

Have a chat with reps and techs from our sponsors. Stay on the site in a comfortable RV or book a room in one of the nearby lodging facilities.

The FJNortheasters Northeast Run is a non-profit event. In 2015 FJNortheasters donated over $6,000.00 to charity. The registration fee is $75 which includes a catered dinner & raffle (Saturday evening) at the Twin Grove Campground's private lodge, a T-Shirt, and one FJNE sticker. If you do not want the included meal, you can let us know during the registration process and your registration will only cost $50. You can also buy extra meals, t-shirts, and stickers during the registration process.

Late registration (those after the April 1st, 2017 cutoff) can not be guaranteed a T-shirt or Event decal. We will be ordering extras but can not guarantee size availability for T-shirts and depending on the number of registrants, we can not guarantee a spot for the dinner/raffle. Please make sure you register before the April 1st, 2017 deadline to guarantee the above! Late registration will be $35 which does not include a T-shirt, Decal, and Dinner/Raffle.

  • The event will be held rain or shine
  • We will not be able to give any refunds after April 1st, 2017
  • Please note that the registration fee does not include access to the park. To wheel at Rausch Creek Off-Road Park you must first register with them for $15 a year, there is a charge of $40/day (or a 5 day pass for $160) per vehicle and 7$/day for passengers of age 16 and up.
  • The FJNortheasters are not liable for anyone's wrong doing, property damages (personal and/or to the park) or injuries resulting from this event. You are responsible for your own actions and will be personally responsible for any compensation for the above mentioned articles. This event is solely for the purpose of a social gathering. You will be expected to abide by the rules of the Rausch Creek Off Road Park. Failure to follow the park rules or not carrying yourself in a responsible manner will result in your dismissal from the event. The FJNortheasters follow the "Tread Lightly" philosophy for off roading. Be responsible and be respectful, that's all we expect from you.

About Rausch Creek Off Road Park

Our #1 choice

Trail Difficulty

20% vehicle capability, 80% driver skill

Trail difficulty is rated by color. Green, blue, black, red and some hybrids mixed between such as green/blue and blue/black.

Most stock Toyota SUV's & trucks can handle the green trails. While the ratings are somewhat consistent, some common sense and caution should be applied to your driving habits in the park.

Lifted vehicles, vehicles with upgraded skid plates & rock sliders should be able to handle all green and most blue rated trails -- but this is not a blanket rule. It depends on the vehicle, the skills/experience of the driver and the upgrades applied.

All trail groups are guided by a Trail Leader. They'll help you decide which trail is a good fit for your vehicle, and if you get in a tough spot, they'll help you get through. Still, please remember it's "unspoken policy" that the driver is responsible for his/her vehicle and the decisions made. If you incur damage, which is extremely rare, it is your responsibility. We'll do our best to help you avoid that.